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The collectors: Serial sexual offenders who preserve evidence of their crimes 

Janet I. Warren, Park E. Dietz, Robert R. Hazelwood
Aggression and Violent Behavior; Volume 18, Issue 6, November–December 2013, Pages 666–672


In our prior research, we have encountered a distinct category of serial, sexual offenders who invest themselves in developing unique collections of artifacts that link them to their victims. This behavior is counter-intuitive as it represents irrefutable proof of their responsibility for multiple serious crimes. Nonetheless, the process of collecting these artifacts and the experience of maintaining them together, and in proximity to the offender, appear to represent a psychological experience that is central to the motivation for perpetrating the crimes. In this paper, we explore five modalities of recording used singularly or in combination by some of the most prolific and egregious sexual offenders prosecuted in the past 40 years. We use these case studies as a platform for exploring the psychological dynamics underlying this behavior, and to further alert law enforcement and forensic evaluators to the existence and significance of these unique forms of crime evidence.



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