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Psychological aggression in lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals' intimate relationships: A review of prevalence, correlates, and measurement issues

Tyler B. Mason, Robin J. Lewis, Robert J. Milletich, Michelle L. Kelley, Joseph B. Minifie, Valerian J. Derlega
Aggression and Violent Behavior; Volume 19, Issue 3, May–June 2014, Pages 219–234.

Psychological Aggression (PA) is a common and serious problem in the relationships of lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals. It includes a range of behaviors that are used to hurt, coerce, control, and intimidate intimate partners. This paper reviewed the conceptualizations of PA, summarized the extant literature on PA among LGB women and men, and offered recommendations to improve the investigation of PA among LGB individuals. The conceptualization, definition, measurement, and prevalence of PA perpetration and victimization vary widely across studies. Different definitions and methods of assessing PA, a lack of consistency in examining and reporting psychometric information on measures used to assess PA among LGB samples, and varying sample characteristics make it difficult to compare results across studies. As a result, we know relatively little about the antecedents and consequences of PA among LGB individuals. In order to advance research in this area and increase understanding of this serious public health problem, it is necessary to: (1) clarify what constitutes PA; (2) specify the psychometric aspects of measures used to assess PA; (3) report details about sexual minority participants' sexual orientation/identity; (4) examine LGB-specific variables; and (5) utilize advanced methodological and statistical approaches to studying PA.



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