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The Static-99R: Are There Really Differences Between the Normative Groups?

Jan Looman and Jeffrey Abracen
Internatio​nal Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparativ​e Criminolog​y
July 2013, vol. 57, no. 7, 888-907.


A sample of 348 high-risk sexual offenders was divided into two groups based on the level of preselection (detained, n = 211, and nondetained, n = 137) and the groups were compared on a number of measures which were related to dynamic risk. The hypothesis was that the detained group would score as being higher need on these instruments than the nondetained group. This hypothesis was supported with the detained group reporting greater levels of hostility, cognitive distortions supportive of offending, sexual obsessions, and sexually deviant behaviours. They also scored as being less assertive and as having a more extensive psychiatric history. These findings were interpreted as being supportive of the assertion that the new Static-99R normative groups are related to preselection based on the differences on dynamic factors.



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