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Male Stranger Rape: A Behavioral Model of Victim-Offender Interaction

Samantha Lundrigan and Katrin Mueller-Johnson
Criminal Justice and Behavior; July 2013, vol. 40, no. 7, 763-783.


Existing empirical typologies of stranger rape derive almost exclusively from samples involving female victims and male offenders. This study explored the behavioral structure of 209 cases of stranger rape involving male victims and male offenders with the aim of developing an interpersonal model of offender-victim interaction. Multivariate analysis revealed three themes of offender-victim interaction: hostility, involvement intimacy, and involvement exploitation. Of offenders, 80% could be classified to a dominant theme, with almost half of the offenses (49%) classified as involvement intimate. The findings are discussed in relation to existing multivariate models of female victim rape, male rape research, and implications for behavioral investigative advice.



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